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Enjoy your home again

To get the most out of your natural flea collar for dogs and reap all its benefits, we recommend using the anti-flea collar in combination with flea powder for carpets and flea spray for the home to eliminate any fleas left in your house or your dog’s surroundings. This way, you can rest assured your home is protected too.

8 Month protection

Unlike flea powder and other flea and tick treatments, this dog and puppy flea treatment collar spreads its powerful active ingredients through the natural oils on your dog’s skin - for evenly distributed all-around protection. The flea and tick treatment for dogs can be worn continuously for up to 8 months.

How does it work?

The flea collar for puppies, small dogs, medium dogs, and large dogs uses natural ingredients to effectively repel fleas, ticks, mosquitos, lice and larvae. The active ingredients stored in our dog flea collars start to work immediately once the large to small dog collar has been out on your dog.

Before using this collar i used loads of spot on flea treatment and even vets ones none seamed to work. This is working well!

Mrs H Edwards

After years of using success with spot on topicals, this past year has been a struggle. There was only one thing left to try... I'm so pleased with Toldi's collar!

Van Jurco

Just as advertised, with pleasant smell of lavender. My dogs don’t mind the band and it's very large so plenty of room if you have a larger breed.

Cosmin G.


Dog flea and tick collar

We want the best for our furry friends! Our veterinarian-recommended collar will effectively repel harmful fleas, ticks, lice, flea eggs, larvae and pests, providing 8 months complete and continuous protection.


Flea and tick spray

We carefully selected 100% natural ingredients as lavender, citronella, lemon, lemongrass, lilac essential oils. Use in combination with our collars for the perfect shield against flea and tick. Perfect for house to keep everyone happy!


Cat flea and tick collar

We know how hard it is to find the right size of cat flea collar! Our collars are created to fit all cat breeds and sizes from 10 weeks of age onwards. Simply adjust and buckle it in a suitable place and cut off any excess length.