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10 Reasons Why I Love My Cat

Tom came to me one beautiful summer night. I went out to enjoy the breeze as it was unusually cold then. We had this seat on the deck that had fluffy cushions I enjoyed sitting on when I wanted to think. I was a bit surprised when instead of the usual peach pillows, I saw tortoiseshell colors sprawled over them.

I gently tapped its ears, trying to check what it was, when its paw suddenly came out of nowhere and tried to push my finger out of the way. I saw its ears perk up, and its head slowly turned to look at me. I felt peaceful, looking at its eyes, and it seemed as if it felt the same way. My hand was still nearby, and it decided to lean its head against my side and gently pushed.

That cat had the smoothest fur, but it felt a little gritty. I tried to check if it had a collar, but I did not find any. I went inside the house to look for something to give it. It followed me in! The light inside the house did give me a good idea of what it went through, but it was okay; it did not look underfed or malnourished.

I gave it warm milk as I did not have anything else to give it, and it seemed to work just fine. I looked for something for it to curl up to, but it had a different thing in mind. I later found it on my seat inside my room, curled up, and looking at me when I saw it. His eyes seemed to tell me that the chair was taken.

When I woke up the next morning, I was a bit apprehensive when I suddenly smelled something nasty. Praying so hard that it did not defile my house in any way, I was about to stand up when I saw it standing near my slippers, with a dead rat in front of it. I saw the endless possibilities that the cat can provide me, as I did have a rat problem in the basement.

The cat seemed to regard my silence as approval, as it then decided to rub against my leg, purring like there was no tomorrow. I promptly took the rat and threw it in the wastebasket, being extra careful that it did not see what I was doing. I did bring it to the vet to have it checked, and when I went back home, I had a cat of my own.

We had a lot of fun times together, and Tom was really the best in finding those little critters inside the house, to the point that my home was spotless. I also work at home, and he proved to be an exciting companion. Tom would always plop on my lap. Sometimes he would lay between the monitor and the keyboard, trying his best to push either of the two away from me. I was lucky my monitor was just near the wall or else.

Ten years have passed, and Tom is still with me. He did so much for me. Tom helped me through f depression, while I helped him through a bit of a scare with his kidneys. He is healthy, happy, and much loved – and I would always make sure that he remains the same.

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