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5 Pet Trends That Aren’t Worth the Hype

Indeed, this year has been an interesting year for all of us, but – on the other hand, it seems it has allowed several of us to get our thinking caps on! What is more important? Do we need it? In fact- what really matters?

The Pet industry has been facing explosive growth. Pet owners are continuing to have rising standards in many aspects of their pet’s life. This includes their grooming choice, diet, and even their fashion sense. Some of the development in pet ownership is due to technology and the occurrence of online purchasing. However, most of the growth is due to changes in culture. While Generation Z and millennial consumers have come into adulthood, they have welcomed the pet-owning and pet-loving lifestyles to a far greater length than their elders.

It is no surprise these things have become trendy. For sure everyone would agree with me, our best friends deserve the best attention and care possible seeing as they give just as much, if not more, back to us. Now, the question is, are these pet trends worth the hype? We have listed five trends that we think are not worth the hype.

Yoga for Dogs

Yes, you read that, right! Dogs are doing yoga. You may ask, why do yoga with your dog? It is mentioned that doing different movements in this practice with your dog makes a stronger bond between the two of you. It can also help to reduce stress, tension, or anxiety. It turns out we are not too different after all.

We consider this to be not worthy of the hype because as simple as taking your dog for a walk around the block is already a great bonding moment and exercise without paying a single penny. Exercise gives all dogs mental stimulation and keeps them active, helping lengthen their lives and lessen the risk of obesity. There are simultaneous dog exercises you and your pup can do without following a set of rules to burn off steam and stay in shape. Running up and down the stairs, a few times is one of them.

Smart Home Pet Devices

These technology devices have given us the capacity to keep an eye on our furry friends from afar. They come in all types of shapes and sizes and do various things. However, the biggest problem with a smart home system and devices is the cost. Also, the basic requirement for the smart home system is the internet — its internet dependence.

Health and Fitness Trackers

Okay, so one of the trends that we have is trackers that allow you to link via Bluetooth to see how far your dog walks each day, their hours slept and even how many calories they have burnt!  It is vital to know how to control dogs’ weight management, and what better way than hard facts statistics, right? Most of these are clip onto your dog’s collar, and they will hardly even notice it is there!

One of the considerations in buying health and fitness trackers is, of course, cost. If you want a fitness tracker with some of the more up to date features, be prepared to pay more – often a lot more! Now, let me honest with you, if you have managed all this time to take good care of your dog, feed him, and provide the right exercise without a fitness tracker, you may want to ask yourself if your dog requires one. It is a valid question. Pet tech is not for all.

Subscription Boxes

You are right, they have been around for a little while but this year has seen many more be produced. Suppose you are up to spoil your dog or find a convenient way to receive toys and treats at your doorstep. Yes, they got options with toys, accessories, food, and sometimes a complete surprise. It keeps the excitement up not only for your dog but for you also.

Let’s face it, none of these boxes is cheap, and the ones that are will not be worth it, in my opinion. I don’t mean to discourage buyers from getting subscription boxes by any means. If your dog loves toys, is not very destructive with their toys, and can eat anything, you may find the subscription boxes a more positive experience.

This is not to demoralise someone from indulging their pets.  Try a subscription box, however, be wise about it. If your pet has food allergies and tears toys apart, it may be more satisfying to spoil your pup by spending your money on things you know will be more useful to you and your dog or cat.

Pet Insurance

Like any Insurance, Pet insurance also offers peace of mind. Who doesn’t like a peace of mind, right? It is saddening to watch families decide whether they can save their pet’s life because of the financial situation. Indeed, Insurance gives you extra funds and helps clear out of the guilt.

But come to think of it, many pet insurance companies will offer low premiums when your pet is young; however, as they age, pet insurance rates go up. Also, a huge number of plans will not cover charges associated with a pre-existing condition like diabetes. Most insurance companies cannot cover illnesses that arise or manifest symptoms within 14 days of the policy start date. The cost of treatment for accidents or poisoning within three days of the policy start date won’t be covered.

So as long as you account for routine vet bills when working out your household budget, you can skip pet insurance. In general, for a healthy animal, this Insurance is more likely not worth the cost.

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