Things to know when walking your dog in the rain

5 Rainy Day Dog Walking Essentials

Sometimes – NOT sometimes- all the time, playing indoors is never enough, especially for dogs with high energy levels. That’s why, taking dogs on walks is essential. A tired dog is a happy dog. Dogs require an ample amount of exercise daily. Sadly, there are times of the year that it rains- or is slippery outside, and as a result – a lot of dog owners avoid taking their dogs on walks.

During rainy or cold weather seasons, as owners of our lovable fur babies, we need to think of an alternative for a balanced way of living. We can’t “always” keep them inside just because of its raining. There is always a way around these circumstances. To deal with such obstacles, here are some tips for walking your pet during a downpour – or when it’s slippery wet outside.

1. The Right Clothing  

Dogs used to live in the wild, but they have been domesticated for a long time. Consequently, they are likely to get sick in the rain- just like us, humans. Hence, you need to ensure that your dog has the right attire for a walk in the rain. Thinking about a small dog’s raincoat, for instance, we are sure you would love to dress them up. On the other side, seeing a cute dog walking with raincoats and rain gear is always a head-turner. They have dual-purpose: one is snapping a pic for the gram, and the other is to keep your pet dry.

2. Put the Leash on

Plenty of dog owners have established a disciplined relationship with their dogs and have also raised exceptionally obedient canines. But, while it is raining, you will notice that the streets are a bit more chaotic than usual. There are different sounds on the streets- like people running finding shelter, cars, downpour, and thunder could trigger your dog. They might get frightened or get excited to the point of running away. So, it is essential to keep them on a leash even if it is just for walks on rainy days.

3. Doggy Boots

 Paws are a significant and sensitive part of dogs – they sweat through them, are delicate, and are prone to cracking. The paws are a part of animals we usually miss and often miss to take care of them. There are various ways to care for them in the rain. You could try putting dog boots on them which would keep their feet safe. Although it is hard for them to get used to shoes. Despite this, you could try applying dog-friendly wax on their paws and frequently wiping them.

4. Water

Just because it’s raining does not mean that your dog won’t become thirsty or dry up. Make sure to take your regular drinking supplies along for your pets. Bring a bottle of water and a bowl to drink out of when dog walking in the rain. Don’t let your dog drink out of the water puddles on the roads. These puddles contain all the dirt that has collected on the surface, including oil, fuel, exhaust fumes, and who knows what else. These can make the water toxic and unhealthy for your dog. Clear, clean drinking water is best for your furry friend.

5. Reflective Gear

Everything tends to get dark during the rain, and reflective leashes and collars can save your dog’s life. Putting on bright and reflective colours will warn vehicles and other people of your dog on the streets and may even keep away from life-threatening accidents.

In the end, you should not be scared to walk your pet on rainy days. Dogs are tough animals, and a little rain should never stop them from loving any time outdoors. Moreover, taking them on regular walks will help you two bond and avoid unruly energies somewhere else. Walking is a favourite treat for your dog, and it bonds you closer than ever to them.

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