Things to know when getting a new puppy

7 Behaviors to Look Out For in a New Puppy

Genuine love for you. Loyal companionship. Endless fun. Most of us dog owners know that it’s easier to live with a dog. But there are things that new puppy parents don’t know when having a new puppy inside their home sweet home.

However, parenting a puppy as a new pet owner can be daunting and overwhelming. We’re here to support you on this path to pet parenthood by presenting you with seven behaviours to look out for in a new puppy.

Ouch! The New Puppy Bit Me

If your pet bites you, don’t be afraid! Grinding is common, particularly when you and your puppies are having fun. Puppies are like babies, they have these baby teeth, and they always bite anything they see. But, this behaviour doesn’t last forever; they will indeed be going to grow out of it. It’s necessary to give your puppies enough chew toys to play with so that they don’t use your belongings like furniture, your newly polished nails, and your shoes.


Dig Here, Dig There, Dig Everywhere

Your dog may be digging for many reasons, and we should always remember that they don’t do so for a particular reason. They dig to hide toys, or because of tiredness, anxiety, escaping, or wild instinct. Some dog breeds are going to dig deeper than others. Often, continuous learning is the secret to overcoming undesirable habits. Spending much more time exercising with your new puppy can work.



When your new puppy starts barking, it’s because they want to get your attention, as he needs to tell you something. Unfortunately, because we can’t speak the same language, it takes a moment for us to understand the message. Perhaps your new puppy is hungry or hears someone knocking at your front door.


They Will Chew Everything

This is particularly relevant during the puppy’s teething stage when they ultimately need always to get their teeth on everything. Most breeds tend to go a little more intense and aggressive than others when it comes to chewing. These are also the breeds that use their mouths for the function they were bred to do.



To get your attention, a puppy will jump on and at their parent from any corner of your house. This is one of the expected behaviours to look out for in a new puppy. A dog registers every move you make with them because they always see it as their way to grab your attention.


Bolt Puppies

Puppies have such a tremendous amount of energy, and they’re able to release that power by going around in circles quickly. This is an everyday puppy practice – make sure you don’t over-train your puppy. You don’t want to damage their still-developing joints.


Whining Behavior

If you put your dog in a cage, outdoors, or space other than your own, they may cry and whine. It’s a typical pup train – they’re having a kind of separation anxiety. Other habits may be associated with anxiety issues, like chewing or pooping.

If you are asking what is the best way to cope up with these seven behaviours? Just enjoy it because the time will come that your puppy will become a big and strong dog, and we are sure that you will be missing those times that you could’ve done with your new little puppy.

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