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A Day in Our Lives

Me and my brother are inseparable. Wherever one goes the other goes. We are a package never to be served as a single entree. We always are accompanied by our brothers Ray and James. Ray has this light-colored hair, like the brightness he encompasses. While James has brown hair just like the earth we always walk on, calming and grounded.

We are considered the best bunch in our town. When we walk together, the four of us. Everybody looks at us like celebrities who will always greet them with a big smile and a hug. We often stop by the store where we pick-up our favorite treats, ice cream and pancakes. We love the taste of that smooth silky ice cream partnered with the coarse texture of the pancakes. It’s like heaven on earth. We sit by the store and devour our comfort food.

After eating, we go to the park and play ball. Ray and James are great at playing ball. They are natural at throwing balls while we run to catch and give it back to them. We spend spring and summer going out and enjoying our playtimes at the park.

When we get hungry, we go back home and wait for mom’s fine cuisine. We love mom’s steak and bones. Ray and James can eat a lot of mashed potatoes and vegetables when mom prepares her world-famous steak and gravy. As for me and my brother, we love chunking on the juicy meat and the big thick bones that mom gives us. We could spend an hour just nibbling and sucking on the bone.

After our lunch, we tend to lay down on the floor while they sleep on the couch. Sometimes, it will be vice versa. When Ray and James are asleep, we like watching over them to make sure they get their full rest so that we can play more when nap time is over.

During autumn, we love going out in the afternoon and chilling on the pile of leaves that dad gathered. We love rolling on those leaves and James throwing it up in the air as if there is brown snow falling on our heads. Dad only tells us to clean up the pile after we’re done.

We eat dinner all together and after that, dad brings us to the living room to tell us a story. After the story, mom will tuck us for the night and kiss us all goodnight.

As I lay my paw on my nose to sleep, I imagine what we will be doing tomorrow.

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