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A Deeper Sense of Things

We all find ourselves asking the same question: What are we doing with our life? Sometimes this question hits us so hard that we end up going into a spiral of emotions. Some people just shrug it off and move on with their lives. Some people sulk for a couple of hours until they realize that they have something more productive to do. But some take this to the next level and take it harder than any other. I feel this way most of the time.

When I feel so down, I just go to this lake I always visit down the road. I sit there for hours staring at the sky until sunset. I tend to find this place peaceful because of one more thing, this big cow-like dog who most often than not is waiting or will sit by me when I am there. I feel bliss when he is at my side. He stays with me until I stand up and leave. He doesn’t follow me and I don’t see him leave before I do. He just sits there waiting for me to feel better. I often talk to him but he doesn’t respond, he only stares at me and shows facial expressions. His gesture of listening is enough for me because I would rather talk to him than to another human being. Sometimes I hug him for comfort, he doesn’t mind it. Sometimes he puts his head over my shoulder just like a person saying “Everything will be alright.” Even if it is raining and I have to think of things, he is also there with me under the rain.

I love that he is always there and he is one constant in this world of uncertainty.

Whenever I bring extra food from our house, he wags his tail in excitement. He loves peanut butter sandwiches. He becomes extra happy and I hear him bark at me non-stop. I really love spending time with him. I will never forget this feeling for the rest of my life. I always pray that whoever his owner is, will take care of him really well. I wish I could just take him home so that I could feel this same feeling at home.

I prayed to God so hard to help me feel calm and sane because everything is not going well. The dog licked me and for the first time, I noticed his collar. In his collar is a dog tag, it reads God.

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