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A Dog’s Day Out, What I Learned

It was a rare day to go out and roll in the shade with Jack. He seemed to feel that it was so, as he was already waiting for me at my bedroom door when I woke up. The sun was shining so brightly, but the air felt so cool on the skin.

Jack was excited as I was because he waited for me while I took a bath and prepared refreshments for both of us. When we were about to go out, I noticed him staring at the door, as if he was waiting for me to get the door open to new wonders.

I decided to go to the park and read a good book while I made sure I brought Jack’s leash with me just in case I got distracted with my reading. When we arrived, my initial reservations were false, as Jack always made sure he was walking near me, or I was just a few feet away from him.

There were other dogs with us, and a few cats that were on leashes, and Jack seemed to be interested in them. He looked at me while I was preparing to sit in the shade, and it was as if he was asking me for permission to play with them. He was not loud with other pets, but I wanted him to be safe, so I put him on an extendable leash that allowed him to be away from me for about three feet.

Jack sat down after I put the leash on him and waited for one of the pets to come his way. One of the rottweilers decided to sniff at him, but even if he was a Jack Russell terrier, the size did not seem to faze him. Yes, I named him with his breed, as it was a good idea at that time when my friend gave him to me as a gift on my 28th birthday.

Everything seemed to look okay, as both the rottweiler and Jack seemed to be at ease with each other. I put down the book because I saw it wanted Jack to follow him and play. I took off the leash from him and let him run around.

I watched both of them run around, taking turns on who will run after whom. It was fun to look at them because the rottweiler always waited for Jack to be near him before running away again but only at a short distance. I thought he was worried Jack might feel tired soon.

I took this time to bring out the refreshments, and a few pieces of chicken that were Jack’s favorite. I suddenly felt someone looking at me, and was surprised that the rottweiler was with Jack, standing near me. When I placed a few pieces of chicken in Jack’s direction, the rottweiler sat down, prompting Jack to look at him.

He pushed a piece of chicken towards the rottweiler, and continued with his snack, while the rottweiler took the portion offered to him and ate. When they were finished, I was so surprised that both of them jumped me and began licking me. I then heard a guy call out a name, and the rottweiler obliged and ran away.

Jack sat down near me and slept after eating. I took in what happened with Jack and the rottweiler, thinking how open pets can be when they are given a chance. They seemed to act like people, respecting people who deserve it and enjoy life when they get the chance. I petted Jack while he was sleeping, but I then noticed the rottweiler walking back towards me, and his owner in tow.

He told me that he saw me give the chicken to his pet, and gave me a package. He told me his name was Lawrence, proceeding to mention how thankful he was that I was not scared of his pet. I did say to him that my Jack was friendly with his rottie,
so I took it as a good sign. Lawrence had to go then because he had work in a few hours and went away.

When I got home and opened the bag, that was when I saw the bag had a big chunk of meat in it! I was thankful, as it meant Jack would have a few tasty snacks with it.

That day was a really good day outdoors.

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