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A Kid’s Best Friend

I know you see a lot of Youtube and Facebook videos of kids playing with dogs and the dogs are responding well. We even see the kids treating the dogs as if it is their caretaker and the dogs show care and commitment to the child. The bond between a little kid and a dog is something that we can only look at and assume.

Studies show that kids growing with dogs develop into a more loving individual because of the good instincts they develop while growing with dogs who are unencumbered by man’s malicious ways and means. These dogs serve as role models when it comes to caring and loving, which is unconditional and true. These dogs stand by you through thick and thin and they will never leave your side even at times that you cannot take care of them. A dog’s genuine love cannot be measured and cannot be replaced.

There are so many stories of dogs pulling infants and toddlers out of burning buildings, saving kids from drowning when they fall in the water, they even save kids from falling off a cliff and so many more heroic stories. I don’t know if this is just being loyal to their owners, but I think it is much deeper than this. In my opinion, dogs can love and reciprocate what we do to them. Since kids and toddlers do not have any bad intent, dogs perceive them as true allies and become loyal to them. They take care of them, help them grow, even teach them a thing or two about growing up.

They are the baby-sitters that never ask for compensation, only your love, and food.

Even though they cannot speak of what they feel, they just show it to us through their actions. Actions speak louder than words, right? These dogs help us become better by showing us what we should be capable of, loyalty and love. Dogs help us realize that our kids should be protected and they should be taken care of. If dogs can do it, then we should also be able to do it.

Also, dogs make kids learn the value of family, loyalty, and love. If they feel these things from someone who cannot even talk and do complex things like humans, then they should be able to do more for themselves and their families.

God gave us these creatures to show us that we don’t need so much intellect to become human. We just have to be loyal and loving to one another.

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