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Coffee and Cream

Every morning, I wake up to the sound of my alarm. It’s already time to go to work and I need to finish my morning routine. I prepare my stuff before taking a warm bath. I place my reading materials, laptop and tablet in my bag. I tidy up my bed and I slowly move out of my room unnoticeable to some creatures that might be waiting outside. I just wish that I could surprise them even once this morning. As I turned and locked my door, two distinct footsteps ran toward me.

A sight of day and night greets me in the morning.

Coffee and cream always greets me and leads me to the kitchen for my breakfast. They are the angels that make me smile every morning. They make me feel that every day will be bright and hopeful.

As I sit and my mom serves me my favorite pancake and bacon combo, they push a makeshift cart towards me. What does the cart contain? You guessed it, coffee and cream. Mom trained them to serve me my favorite drink every morning. It makes my day complete when I see these two in action.

After pushing the cart, mom serves their breakfast and we eat together before I go to the university where I work. We watch TV while eating. Their favorite channel to watch is always the game show network. I don’t know why they like it but their eyes light up and they always eat fast when we answer questions on TV. They bark as if they know the answers and jump when they get the answers right, I guess? After cleaning their bowls, they sit beside me and as if they are waiting for me to finish so that they could walk with me towards the garage.

They also love going to the garage with me because they love seeing the doors lift. While the garage doors are opening, they just sprint outside and play all morning long. Before I go into my car, I whistle for them so that I can say goodbye. They run towards me and kiss me on my cheeks as if saying “Go get ‘em hooman. We know you can do it.” Then they go back to their carefree lives. I always leave the house with a big smile. I can never imagine life without these two.

I wish I could take my Coffee and Cream to work but sadly all I can take is this coffee and cream in my favorite canteen.

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