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Grander Scheme of Things

In my years of seeing a lot of things, I still cannot grasp the fact that we will never comprehend all of the things that we encounter. All of these things will never be clear to us because we don’t have all the knowledge that will help us do such comprehension.

Just like a dog looking at the vast expanse of the outdoors, we are not capable of completely understanding everything. We always get mesmerized by the things we can see, feel or hear. Sometimes, when we get overwhelmed by these things, we buckle under stress and shut down. We do things out of frustration and desperation. We resort to doing things that we might regret and things that might damage our inner being.

Sometimes, thinking too much is a burden.

We think of things that we don’t even need to think about. We tend to stress ourselves because of those things. We might find ourselves being imprisoned by the things we think about and the things that are not even happening. We overthink and it doesn’t help.

Have you ever heard the “Occam’s Razor” philosophy? To define it simply, it means that you don’t need to make complex explanations of what happened or what is happening. Stick to the easiest and simplest answer. This applies to most of our problems. I don’t know if this helps but sometimes think like a dog.

Dogs are complex individuals but most of the time function in the simplest of ways, which is their instinct. Dogs don’t overthink, they just do what their instinct tells them to do. When our minds fail us, let our instincts take the wheel. Let us sniff our problems and try to make a simple solution. Let’s take everything one step at a time. When the complex process is not working, let’s do it simpler. We need to focus on dealing with things as it shows up and not by thinking too much ahead of time.

Planning is a natural way of life for us humans but sometimes it gets in the way especially if we fail in our plans. Plans not going our way is just another way of God saying “slow down and rethink your actions.” Sometimes, we just need to look at things in a simpler and new perspective so that we could do what needs to be done.

We cannot go on overthinking things. Let’s try to slow down, stop, and look at the grander scheme of things.

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