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Kitt and Harry

I grew up in a small house just outside the city limit. I drive to work every day and go home at this same old house I lived in my entire life. The monotony of my life is soothing and relieves me of any stress my work in the city throws at me. I love how I live my life this way. I am the only one living in the house because my parents moved out to their new place in the mountains. They love it there and visit me a couple of times a month just to see if I’m still breathing.

Before they left, they gave me a puppy from the litter of our old dogs to keep me company. I named him Kitt because I loved watching reruns of Knight Rider. He is an energetic little pup. He has a big appetite for a puppy and he also does a lot of damage to my furniture. He loves to cuddle every time I come home and I also love doing it because it makes me feel the warmth of love from another living being, not to sound too clingy.

One day when I was on my way to my car, I heard a small meow near the trunk of my car. I walked towards it and saw this cat who was just sitting there waiting for someone to notice him. He walked towards me and rubbed at my heel. I am more of a dog person and I don’t know much about cats so I just assumed that he wants something from me. I asked him just like how I talk to Kitt, “Do you want to go home with me?” To make the long story short, I did go home with a cat on the passenger seat of my car. I named him Harry because that is the name he responded to when I was calling out names in the car.

When I got home, I let Harry out of the car. He ran to the lawn and kept on rolling like he found a soft bed to play on. I called him and he just looked at me once and continued rolling on the lawn. I then opened the door and Kitt was waiting. He then ran towards me and jumped so many times as if he wanted me to carry him. He then saw Harry rolling on the grass and he leaped from my arms and ran towards him. I got scared for a bit because Harry might bite Kitt but they just touched heads as if they knew each other for a very long time. They were perfect.

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