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Love is Pure and Kind

The link between pets and owners is a seamless bond that traverses the species barrier. We don’t fully understand each other by communicating in words but our actions seem to be more than enough to be closer than any other similar species.

Since time immemorial, domesticated animals and owners have shared challenges that we cannot fathom. The earliest records of domestication for dogs were found to be 15,000 years ago by humans with wolves and it was 4,000 years ago with the pharaohs of Egypt for our feline friends. We do not know the whole story on how the two species were successful in working with one another but one thing is for certain, this was the point in time where a deeper bond has been made with humans and their furry loved ones.

What started to be a relationship of an owner to a servant became a loving family unit. Owners started treating their pets as one of their own because these animals showed more loyalty and compassion than any other humans could possibly show. These loveable and cuddly individuals don’t ask for much in return but they always give you their lives in servitude. We started treating them as our loved ones, sometimes treating them as our kid and our lover. They transformed our understanding of how to love and how to become loyal to another life.

As for the canines and felines, their wild side started to subside and wild instincts turned into a trusting and nurturing one. They show compassion and love like no other species can show, maybe in the exception of chimpanzees which is our closest relative. They started to become one with our community and they became more confident in dealing with us humans. They never backed down from a challenge, especially in meeting our expectations and helping us grow. Our cats and dogs helped us understand nature, that it can be very much loving and kind. The pureness of their intentions diminishes our humanity. They could love you for all eternity without us even showing them our full love.

I guess it’s in our nature to love, so as with any other living organism. We are the only ones that can interpret it because we are the ones who can say and write about it, but it doesn’t mean that we are the ones who can feel it. Sometimes it is more important to show it than to say it. Cats and dogs cannot tell us what they feel in words but their actions speak a thousand folds louder than our sweetest and wittiest remarks.

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