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Mom Knows Best

Every day of my life I have my mom by my side and it annoys me to death. When I started walking, she was always nagging me and telling me how to do it. She always tells me to stay close to her. I want to play with the other kittens but she doesn’t want me to go with them. She says they are naughty and will get in trouble because they play on top of the fences, but I love the fences. I couldn’t go out when it is sunny outside. She says it’s so hot I might get sick, but it’s sunny and so nice to roll on the grass. I hate it when she gives me this kind of grass to eat and after eating I hate the taste that I always vomit when I swallow it. It was so disgusting that even fur came out of my tummy. I was being laughed at most of the time by other kittens when she always grooms me in front of them, they always look at me and tease me “Mama’s girl.” I really hated her when all of the kittens were playing in the rain. It seemed so fun when they were splashing in puddles and rolling in the mud. I begged her to let me go out and play but she didn’t even look at me, she was so busy ignoring me. She always tells me things that I never understood because it’s so fun doing those things. She only does what she wants and never took my opinion into account. I always know in my heart that I hated the things that she was doing to me and I wished all of this would stop.

After a few years, My mom died because of a disease that spread through the town. Many of the older cats didn’t survive and it left a big hole in my heart. I was so devastated but a companion took me in and we built our own family.

We had our own litter after a couple of months, they were so beautiful and healthy. This was my first litter so I didn’t know what to do. I looked at other moms on how they did things and I suddenly realized that they were all the things mom did before. The things that I hated were the things that needed to be done. Those things that I hated my mom for were the things that I need to do for my litter to be safe and secure. I realized from then on, my mom is the best thing that ever happened to me.

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