Canva Cat playing the piano

Music for All

Music is a universal language. Rarely that I hear of a person who doesn’t listen to music. Music makes our lives more vibrant and energetic. It also calms our nerves and our hearts. There is much research that shows listening to music can lower your blood pressure and also lower stress hormones in our body. It also triggers emotions that help us cope with problems and it generally generates a lot of health benefits. I am a fan of listening to different types of music. My music preference depends on my mood. It also helps me keep focus especially when I am doing my work as a researcher and writer.

As for animals, similar studies are being conducted on animal models such as dogs, cats, and mice on the effects of music on their health and behavior. Some laboratories that are conducting animal research tend to play classical music during the periods where they find animals to be much on edge because of the presence of the researchers. They see a drastic decrease in the stress hormones being released by the animals. Music also helps the animals to have a better sleep pattern and shows a decrease in manifesting negative behaviors. Scientists cannot figure out completely how this phenomenon happens and only have a few hypotheses. But I know my guess is a good as yours, all living organisms respond to music the same way as humans do,

We have seen thousands of videos of animals responding to music; from a bird moving its head following the beat, a dog singing to a tune his owner is playing or a cat stepping on piano keys as if they are playing it themselves. I love playing my guitar with my cat. He always sits still and looks at me while I am plucking the strings and humming to the tune. He sits there and sways his head back and forth. Sometimes when I’m playing a specific tune he sits on my lap and then slowly tucks himself to sleep. I can hear and feel him purr which tells me he is content with what I am playing.

This glorious sound helps each and every one of us including our lovely pets cope with the struggles we face each day. I think without music, our world is a sad and lonely place to be. Music makes us feel the vibrations connecting us from one individual to another. In a much deeper sense, Music makes the world go round not only for us humans but also for our animal companions.

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