Canva Woman Playing with Cat

My Atypical Satur-date

Me and my girlfriend love going on dates and we happen to have dated in almost all of the date places in the metro. We were running out of ideas and then it hit me, I need to bring her to this place. I remembered that she was afraid of cats because she was bitten by one when she was young. So I arranged a date for us in this place to help her treat her fear. There is this new cat cafe just a few blocks from my office.

She met me at the office and we just walked to the place. I didn’t tell her what to expect for our date so she was asking me constantly along the way. Then when we were close, she saw this big signboard of a cat and burger. She immediately looked at me with this surprised and fearful look. She asked “Is this for real?” and I calmly answered “Don’t worry. I’m here, let’s give it a shot.”

We walked into the cafe and we were surprised it smelled fine, not what she expected. So the first impression was a good sign for my date. We then were instructed to remove our shoes and change to the ones provided by the cafe. We then sat at our designated table and ordered our food. I can see her shaking a bit and I know she is scared. I just told her stories and we were conversing, this is my way of removing her mind of the possible “horrors” she might encounter later. Our food arrived and we ate.

Just as we are about to finish eating the floodgates were opened. All fluffy and cuddly cats ran all over the place and the people there became elated because of the creature roaming, except for my date. She was just sitting there and looking at the people, dumbfounded by their joy of the animals.

She was surprised by this gray kitten lingering at our table. She was leaning away from the kitten when I handed her a stem of white rose. She saw that the kitten was looking at the rose, she got excited and worried at the same time. I told her to raise the flower near the kitten. It started reaching for it. She looked at me amazed and she started leaning closer to the kitten. With all her courage, she touched the back of the kitten and she was so happy. The kitten suddenly looked at her and meowed at her.

She smiled at me and said, “Thank you.”

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