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My Boys

Hi! I am Greg, and I would like to share my story with all the other parents who might have the same scenario as me and my wife. Me and my wife Angela are stay-at-home parents with a Hydroponics and Microgreens business. We started our venture when we were just newlyweds and it became a good enough business for us to raise a twin, Ray and James.

They are two sides of the same coin, Ray has light hair and James with a lighter one. When they were young, there were times that we had trouble getting baby sitters for them because we live in a small town. A veterinary friend of mine suggested adopting dogs so that they can grow with our kids and learn a thing or two with them. He also said that he has two pups that need a home because the owners cannot keep them anymore. I asked Angela about the suggestion and she agreed. She even told me that she wanted to have a dog since we got married to lighten up the mood of the house.

I went to the veterinarian and got these two distinct pups, one has light fur and another a darker one. I just fell in love with them as I fell in love with my sons the first time I saw them. When I brought them home to our four-year-olds, they immediately cuddled with one of each pup. Ray gravitated to the lighter one and James to the darker one. We named them Milk and Cal, Milk for his white fur and Cal because he looks like a calico. They grew up to be the best of buddies and our lives became happier.

For me, it really helped to have another set of paws to take care of our twins. As early as six years old, Ray and James became independent and responsible. They take Milk and Cal to walks, they give them baths, grooms them and even takes them to the vet on their own. They spend all their time together going around town and just being the cutest group I have ever seen. I love it when they run through the bridge near our house while shouting “Mom, we’re hungry.” It is not in any way annoying because we love feeding them and seeing them happy with their surrogate brothers.

It proves that a difference in species doesn’t mean a difference in perspectives. We just have to give it a shot and we will find what we need. I’m so glad I followed my vet’s suggestion. It was one of the best decisions I ever made for my family.

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