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My Lockdown Adventure

My Hooman doesn’t want me to go out because of this virus that he says can make him very sick. I don’t know if it also affects me, but Jimmy doesn’t want to go out anymore fearing that he might contract the virus. We’ve been cooped up for several days in his apartment and I’m getting so bored!

Every morning we have this same routine. He wakes-up sits at the table and looks at his computer all day long. He doesn’t even play ball with me. I am just sitting on the couch or on the floor. Most of the time I just sit by the window looking outside and seeing cats walking around the neighborhood. Why can cats stay out and I cannot? It’s so unfair! I am so bored to the point that I just go running around the apartment making my own adventures and stories.

One time I imagine that I am climbing a very tall rock formation with bottles and cans. The food shelf of Jimmy is good enough as a wall climbing area for me. I can only reach a few levels of the shelf but every time I could reach another level Jimmy comes and pulls me away from the shelf. What a baby.

Another thing that I love to do is to scale the mountain of stairs. I use Jimmy’s shoes as obstacles and I think of them as goats that I hunt for game. I slowly climb up the stairs, stalking one of his smelly rubber shoes. Inch by inch I stalk my prey, it doesn’t know that at any moment now I will pounce on it and take it as my prize. As I get closer, I jump and bite it on the sole. I wag it until it dies and I caught my game. Jimmy would always tell me to stop this because I am destroying his favorite Jordan sneakers. What a jerk.

One thing I enjoy is my water sport adventure in the tub. I know how open the faucet, you just push and turn it to the right and instant pool I will have. I love swimming and just getting wet. It is so refreshing to dive into the cool water because I cannot go to the pond just behind our building. Every time he sees me, he just goes off and says I am spilling water down the hallway. Oh well.

So now, I’m just lying here and thinking of my next great adventure. I’m just so bored that I might try diving in his underwear drawer for fun. Who knows, I might put some brown treasure there.

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