My Paw some Siblings

My Paw-some Siblings

What a way to start my day? I was just looking for some peace and relaxation for these legs of mine but these rascals decided they can just pick me up and do some poses for a picture. But who am I to blame them, I am that adorable you see? And besides, I would never trade anything in this world for this duo. I never did imagine falling in love with them.

One day Barbara and Lenny, my humans, went home with a thing in their arms. I was just 1 year old then, I missed them because they were out for quite some time. I keep on hearing “hospital”, “pregnant” and “delivery” but I never did understand what they are saying. All I know is “play”, “eat”, “sit”, “stay” and all other commands that they taught me while growing up.

I was frantically jumping and wanting to see what’s in Barbara’s arm. She sat down and showed me a small human. I was amazed at how little she was and she was sleeping. I didn’t know what to do. I sniffed her and she had this weird smell. I can’t pinpoint it, but it feels kind of familiar.

Lenny kept on saying, “This is your sister. Treat her well, okay?” I didn’t know what a sister is because I lived all my life alone but I remembered some critters who looked the same as me before they got me from that place with a lot of cages and glass. I just assumed that a “sister” is someone like Barbara and Lenny, a family member.

Months passed by and they are taking care of my sister and she started to crawl and make sounds I don’t understand. She started playing with my ears, smacking me in the face, putting things on me, but I let her do it because she is family. She started to grow bigger and the games became rougher, but I still let her do it because she is family. Years passed and she became gentler because she knows I am family and I am her big brother.

Soon after, they brought another little human home. Barbie and I were so excited to play with our little brother. We three became inseparable. I am a bit older now and sometimes I just can’t keep up with them. They take care of me and they love me just as I loved them. I never imagined Barbie and Nathaniel would help me find my bliss. Being with my siblings is the best feeling I can ever have.

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