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Our Duty, Our Bond

I served in the military for a while and the term “Hell on Earth” is an understatement. When we go on tours, and man I did a lot, we don’t know if we’ll be coming back. There are a lot of dangers that can be felt, heard and seen on the battlefield but one feeling that I will treasure most is what I shared with Midnight. If there is one thing I look forward to when I go on tour is him. He is one hell of a soldier. As an MWD (Military Working Dog) he is a guide, a bomb-sniffing dog, a tracker, and a scout. He saved countless lives without holding a gun. We call him Captain Midnight as a tradition. Every soldier who does a tour with him takes a picture with him as a remembrance of serving with one of the best creatures on the planet. I think he saved my life more times than I can remember, especially when I was just starting my tours. During my last tour, we received news that Captain Midnight died due to an explosion. He ran into an IED that was supposed to target a Humvee containing refugees who were being transported to safety. I didn’t know what to do but to feel sad. I wrote a poem just to appease my soul.

“Hey Captain Midnight,
I hope you are alright.
We are doing our best,
Just to pass this test.
We really miss you,
The camp feels blue.
Thank you for your services,
Even for those who are novices.
We will never forget,
And don’t you ever fret.
We will serve our country,
Like you, who is always happy.”

As my tour ended, I couldn’t help but feel sad. I lost a great friend and a greater ally. His memories will forever be ingrained in my very core. He was a dog, but he is more of a soldier than any other who served. After a day of settling in my new apartment, I went straight to the shelter and asked the woman there if I can adopt a dog. I gave them my identification and waited for a while to get it processed. I was surprised when they told me that they already selected a dog for me, I became worried because the dog might not fit me. Tears started to pour when they showed me my new friend, a black labrador puppy.

My heart then felt peace and relief.
I guess you are still looking after me Captain Midnight.

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