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Our Hortus Conclusus

When I was a lass, I had a lovely gal named Susie. We have all these adventures and misadventures. We were young and free. My mom doesn’t make us stay at home all day. We could go wherever we want to go. We can explore new places without hearing a bunch from my mom. As long as we stay away from strangers and trouble then we are good. As long as we go home in one piece and are not harmed, mom will always prepare a hearty meal with lots of treats for our long day’s journey.

We love going outdoors because we can see things that not every kid my age can see or experience. We go into the woods nearby, rivers full of jumping fishes, the prairie where we can see a lot of flowers and other animals, and the one we love the most is the small enclosed garden just outside our wooden rail. I call it our Hortus conculsus which means enclosed garden in Latin.
We just love to stay there because it is cool and warm at the same time. When it is nearing the winter season, it still feels warm so we liked staying there all day sitting there and playing with ourselves or with some toys we brought or eating the food mom gave us as our snack. We also love lying there most of the time just cuddling and waiting for time to pass by.

I loved Susie so much and I think I would’ve never enjoyed my childhood without her. She always shows her love for me by always being there to protect me from small animals that come near me and one time a big scary cow which eventually became our friend also. I had a wonderful life with Susie and we did love each other’s company. We were inseparable and she would go wherever I go. I never had a sibling or cousin so I only felt genuine camaraderie with Susie. Susie was my sister and best friend.

I grew to love this place with Susie. I loved every inch of its greenery. The smell of the leaves and grass always goes with us when we go back home. We take its memory and promise to the places we go to. The happiness, the simplicity, the abundance, that place never ceases to give us all the things Susie and I need. Before going to college, I decided to part ways with that place but not Susie. My gal died of old age and we buried her in our place. I guess she will be joining that perfect place as the perfect creature she is.

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