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Park-ners Lane

I know dogs love going to parks for walks and to play but never have I realized that my cat would be a fan of parks. I thought by getting a cat, he would be a homebody just like me but not this cat. Severus, as the name implies I am a Harry Potter fan, loves to go on adventures and meet people around the park. My house is just behind a park where a lot of people stay every day. He is this friendly cat who just walks to you and asks people to gaze upon his handsome dusty copper fur. On the contrary, I love staying indoors because I am an introvert by nature.

I noticed Severus going out every four in the afternoon and going home at around six-thirty or seven in the evening. This went for days and actually even months, I didn’t know when this started but it has been happening for quite some time now. I was not worried because every time he went home, he was happy and looked satisfied so I guess he just wanted to go out of the house and explore on his own.

My curiosity peaked when I saw him with a note on his collar saying “Thank you, Severus is the best thing that happened to us.” I just had to check out what was happening outside with Severus.

One afternoon, I let him walk out the window and followed him through the park. There were a lot of people greeting him and waving at him, I guess my cat is more popular than me after all. After a few minutes of walking, Severus stopped by the creek, I saw an orange cat and a person sitting there. Severus immediately went to the cat and gave it a kiss, just like a human would kiss another person and rubbed at the leg of the person. I went in closer and Severus meowed loudly like he was surprised but happy to see me.

The person turned and it was a lady. Her name was Jem. She said she goes to the park with Luna, yes she is also a fan of HP, because they were both diagnosed with Clinical Anxiety. They stay at the park because it is peaceful for them. One day Severus stumbled upon them and sat with them. She got interested because of his name which is written on his collar. She was also curious about Severus’ owner that’s why she wrote the note on his collar. We talked for hours and as the day ended, I walked Jem and Luna home. From there on I would say the rest was history for me and Jem as well as Severus and Luna.

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