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Pet Care and Safety, Taking My Dogs to the Beach

I always go to the beach with my dogs, Jethro and Monty, and since I live near one, I visit with them every chance that I get. The beach near my home does accept dogs, and that is a blessing already. My pets love going to the beach, but I make sure they are well taken care of while playing on the sand.


I always bring the essentials when I bring my dogs to the beach: a big towel, two water bottles, or a big jug of water, and two water bowls.

They love playing in the sand, so I always spread out the towel under a shade where they can take a rest. Jethro runs around the beach once I let him go, although Monty takes a bit of time once we arrive before he decides to play. I trained them to come to me when they want to drink water, but I watch them when they run, so I can call them if I see they’re panting too much.

I also watch out for any indication that my dogs might be overheating, like if they’re excessively drooling. One other sign is if I see there’s a problem with their coordination when they are running, or when I play frisbee with them.

Monty likes running off to catch the frisbee, and Jethro only follows him just for fun. It is an excellent opportunity to check their physical health or if there is anything wrong with how they run or jump.

If I see them vomiting, or their stool is too soft, I immediately bring them away from the heat to get their temperatures somewhere cooler down.

There are extreme situations such as collapsing or losing their consciousness, and I do not want to see my dogs go through that.

I keep their playtime at the beach within an hour or two, but it may be shorter, or I decide not to go to the beach at all if the temperature is too hot.

Beach rules

Asides from the beach I usually visit, there are some I also go to when I travel with my boys. I make sure that they are dog-friendly, and that I am aware of any rules they have if I bring my pets.

Some rules may be laws, which go with a citation, or I might be hit with a fine if I break it, so I always check if there are any.

My dogs would surely do the deed if they feel the need to, so along with the essentials, I also bring waste bags to use to clean up after them. I always keep a watchful eye on them or have them leashed if I need to sit under the shade, which may also be a rule in beaches.

Final word

Since a lot of people and other animals are always on the beach, I make sure my dogs are still up to date with their vaccinations. I always keep them under a watchful eye, as I do not want to be burdened with any problems that may arise if I leave them for even just one second.

I genuinely love my dogs, so I always keep them safe and sound wherever we go.

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