Pet trends 2021

Pet trends to watch in 2021

Here at Toldi Pets, we can’t believe we’re at the end of another year! As we look forward to 2021, it’s exciting to think about all the magical adventures we’ll share with our cats and dogs for the year to come. As an increasing number of pet owners are humanising their pets, we’re seeing a growth in pet care trends, with consumers wanting to provide the best life for their pets. To help you stay up to date with the latest and greatest innovations for your furry friends, we’ve put together our list of UK pet trends to look out for in 2021!

Sustainable Pet Products

In recent years, sustainability has been the name of the game for companies across the globe, and this is no different in the pet industry! There are a few easy ways to make more environmentally friendly choices when it comes to your cats and dogs: buy fewer plastic products like pet toys that may end up in landfill, and make sure your pet food is made from sustainable ingredients and comes in recyclable packaging.

Premium Pet Food

Speaking of pet food, it seems like the options for our dog’s and cat’s dinners have become increasingly diverse! Human-grade ingredients are becoming more prevalent than ever in premium pet food products, and brands like Lily’s Kitchen boast sustainably sourced ingredients. Other companies are looking for alternatives too, like insect-based pet food, in an effort to produce more eco-friendly pet food with a similar nutritional value.

Pet Wearables

From smartphones to smart TVs, lights, doorbells, home assistants and more, it might seem like technology has invaded our everyday lives! Our pets aren’t immune to the conveniences of modern life either. Coming into 2021, there is a range of pet wearables and accessories for your furry friend to try and make their life a little better. Smart collars and activity monitors connect with apps on your phone to show how active your dog is, helping you keep track of your furry friend. Products like the Inupathy harness go one step further, allowing dog owners to check how their pets are feeling!

Luxury Pet Beds

When you think of your pet’s beds, “luxury” and “fashionable” might not be the first words that spring to mind. But that’s exactly what some pet owners are shooting for! Rather than being an eyesore, many luxury dog beds and cat beds can fit snug in a modern room, while providing a great space for your pet to relax. It’s not just beds, though. Luxury cat trees will give your feline friend plenty of space to climb, scratch and relax to their heart’s content. And really, who doesn’t want to see their cat in a teepee?

Lucy’s Law – a Ban on Puppy Farms

In the spring of 2020, Lucy’s Law is due to come into effect, banning the sale of kittens and puppies from third parties. Buyers will now have to deal directly with breeders, in a bid to put an end to poor conditions faced by the animals in puppy and kitten farms. Hopefully, this will lead to a better quality of life for the dogs and cats bred in poor, unsanitary conditions. You can find more information on Lucy’s Law here.

More Pets!

Nowadays, we feel like pets are everywhere! According to pet industry statistics from the PDSA, around 50% of UK adults own a pet. It seems like we can’t scroll through our social media pages without seeing some cute cats and dogs, and pets are even becoming social media influencers and celebrities! Pets might become even more prevalent in 2020, as the government are changing their model tenancy contracts for renters to remove restrictions on well-behaved pets. This could make things easier for anybody renting to share their home with a cat or dog!

With advancements in UK laws and technology, the ‘21s are looking to be an exciting time to be a pet owner! If you share life’s adventures with a dog or cat, you might want to think about taking out pet insurance for your furry friend.

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