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Pound Puppy, How We Saved Each Other

I was a precocious kid back then, and my parents always had the neighborhood kids around, especially on my birthdays. I didn’t have any accidents or anything when I played, but it took me a few hours before I even stopped playing altogether for the day.

There was a time though my parents decided to bring me to the pound, and they let me choose a pet that I might want. I roamed around the place, and I passed by the dogs that were there. I came upon the very last dog that was in the far right corner of the pound. It looked healthy, but it was sleeping. I looked at him for a bit more, and it seemed to feel someone was watching. It put its head up and looked right at me.

He slowly stood up and walked towards me. I noticed how careful he was, especially when he sat down and seemed to wait for me to touch him. I slowly brought my hand towards him, despite how excitable I am at times, I know I have to be careful when it comes to dogs.

I saw how he offered his head to me to stroke, and I liked how he felt on my hands. He walked back a bit and sat. I immediately called my parents and told them I wanted him. When we took him home, he was so careful around the house, smelling the furniture and the rooms. That was when he walked towards the front door, sat there, and looked at me.

I was a bit surprised when he did that, so I asked my mom what I should do. She smiled at me, took something from the kitchen, and opened the door. He followed my mom when she walked to the garden and led him to a spot. She stood there for a few seconds and walked away.

He promptly took a dump, and then my mom gave me a cardboard and a waste bag. I immediately took it and quickly cleaned my dog’s deed. My dog! Gosh, the possibilities are endless. I immediately put the bag in the wastebasket and washed my hands. I was thinking of the right name to call him, as I couldn’t think of one at the pound.

I took him to the living room, all the while thinking of a good name. My friends came to the house right then, asking me to play. I immediately told them I could not go out as I was taking care of my dog.

When I closed the door, that was when I saw my parents looking at me, dumbfounded. My mom approached me and told me they were surprised by what I did, as I always go out when my friends come.

I did not think much of what they said, but I was happy my mom was okay with the dog, so I went back to him. I found him still sitting down, but he barked at me when he saw me.

I thought he was hungry, so I pointed to the spot where I put his doggy bowl. He barked at me again, so I also looked at the water bowl and called him.

It seemed pretty weird when he barked at me again and looked down. I came near him and looked at what he was looking at the floor. He suddenly bumped my head with his, so I immediately stroked him because I liked the feeling, and that was when he licked my face.

He seemed so happy with what he was doing, so I decided to call him Happy. He immediately bumped his head on my leg and stood at the front door. We walked outside to the garden, and I saw he ran around the yard. It felt so peaceful watching him run around, smelling the flowers then run around again. He seemed so happy doing that, and I was happy just watching him.

Every day was new for Happy and me, and we spent so much time together. I did go out occasionally with my friends but was not as much as it was before. My parents saw how much Happy changed me, how I was more responsible around the house, and with my studies.

We had a lot of fun times, and I was always thankful to my parents for getting me Happy.

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