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Summer is never a Bummer

When cooling systems are in season, you know that it is already summer. One of the most fun times if you love watersports and going to the beach. As for me and my buddy, we love dipping in our pool.

Lovely loves to play in the pool. Most of the times she runs fast starting from the house to the pool and jumps in with all her might. There are times that she reaches the middle of the pool with her jump. Sometimes I play with her. I run fast towards the pool and she will follow me. When I am almost near the pool, I will stop but she will continue to jump into it. When I do this, she will continuously bark at me. Maybe she is inviting me into the pool or purely mocking me for not jumping in the cold water. Whenever I lay down on one of my pool floats chilling out, she will just jump on me. When we fall into the pool, she will bark at me over and over again as if laughing at me because I fell. She spends almost hours swimming because she loves the feeling of floating. There are even times that she swims while sleeping. Maybe she is dreaming of that same pool she swims in almost every day.

In autumn and winter, I drain our pool because when she was just a pup she jumped into the pool. The water was freezing and she suffered from hypothermia. I immediately rushed her to the vet and spared her life. From that moment on, I realized how much she loves the water. I never stop her playing in the pool because I always see how excited and happy, she is. That’s why during spring and summer, she enjoys every moment of it and plunges every time she can. She likes it better during Summer because it’s hot dry.

Lovely always brings her ball with her and always brings it to me to play fetch. She even has this cute gait when walking towards me. She loves swimming with her ball and fetching things underwater, I guess she was a sea-lion in her previous life. Her carefree and blissful attitude helps me see that simple things are more than enough to make us happy. Just like Lovely, we should find happiness in the simpler of things because it will bring us the most amount of joy in the most modest of ways. Summer and water, what a very “Lovely” combination.

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