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Taking Care of My Senior Cat, How I Made Her Safe

I had Trinity since I was a kid, and now that I’m turning 25, she is already in her twilight years. Back then, my parents helped me make sure she always was in her best health with regular visits to the vet and giving her the proper diet and medicine if she needs it. She did not have any problems whatsoever , and that I am always thankful for whenever I pet her.

She always had this quirky bit where she will swat at nothing, in particular, then roll sideways for a few minutes before settling on a stretched pose to take a nap. She loved doing this when, at times, I could not give her any attention or petting. When I could do those things for her, she would indulge me a bit but would end up swatting my hands away and do the roll before stretching to sleep.

My vet did tell me it might just be her way of amusing herself, although I did make sure she has toys she can play with, in case I was not around to play with her. My parents were around most of the time at home and were the usual people she always sees. Even so, she never fails to show me joy when I come home from school.

There was this one time in high school that I brought her in for an assignment, and she disappeared for a good half day. I was crying as I thought I lost her, but when I got home, I was surprised she was already there! She looked at me as if to tell me she thought I was weird, like where else should she be?

I made sure she got chipped after that, so if in case something wrong really happens, and she gets lost again, I would always know I would find her.

When I started working, I saw how slow she had become compared to how she was when I was in college. I made sure I was always up to date with her diet and vet visits, as I did not want for her to experience getting shots she did not need because she was sick. I was extra careful with her surroundings, keeping things in place as well as keeping everything clean.

I also made sure someone looked out for her when I had to work late nights at the office, leaving her all alone at home, as I did not want her to feel left out or unloved. During the weekend, I gave her all the attention I could muster, up until the time she did her quirky bit. I have never seen any cat do what she does, and I loved her so much for it.

Even with her age, I made sure she had extra fluff on her bed, as my vet mentioned I had to take care that she will have a comfy one to sleep on, and groomed her with a brush I bought for such a purpose. That helped me see if she was clean or not, as I saw she was not doing that too often now that she is a bit old.

My friends think I should just let Trinity go, because of all the effort I have been doing, asking if I was only probably prolonging her life to my selfish gains. I told them that she was a part of my life, and I was ready to let her go if she wanted to, but Trinity would always do that quirky thing when you least expect it, and it seemed that was her way of telling me that she was here to stay.

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