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The Farm Boys

If you can say that you have someone who has your back, then you are already the luckiest individual alive. My twin and I always stand side by side with each other. This is how we keep our farm in check. We don’t go alone but we always move as a single unit.

Life on a farm is not so easy. Every day is a challenge. Yes, you will encounter things that happen all the time but most often than not there are new scenarios that transpire. We are always ready for anything the farm encounters.

Some of the menial things that go on the farm are kept in order. The chickens pestering the pigs in their pens. Usually, the chickens jump on top of the pigs and the pigs hate this so we chase the chickens out of the pen to their coop and let them stay there until our boss feeds them. Most days, the goats wander off too far from the barn so we follow them and guide them back to their feeding spot. Boss doesn’t like it when the goats roam too far off because he can’t walk much these days. The donkeys and the horses usually argue on, Uhm, actually I don’t have any idea why they argue. I think they just don’t like each other. We just tell them to stop bickering because the boss’s wife doesn’t want it noisy in the morning. The cattle are just chilling out, laid back and we don’t worry about them.

There are times that we get pushed to our limits like the time a tornado almost destroyed our farm. All of the animals were running around and didn’t know what to do. We rallied the troops to the barn and waited until the boss and his wife were in. We stayed there worried about what would happen but we kept our cool so that the other animals won’t be afraid. Another is when a pack of wolves were threatening to attack our farm. We never backed down from a fight, we protected the boss because he was surrounded by them and was about to be attacked. We fought four wolves for a few moments before the boss pulled the shotgun on them. We got badly injured but we survived. As long as we’re together, we can do anything.

We live our lives a day at a time on the farm. We live it every day and we live it the next. We will always be brothers and we will always be strong. Our bond will never be broken until the day we lay our collars down.

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