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The Wonderful Things I Learned From Nick, the Kooky Cat

When I opened the box for my 10th birthday, I thought my friends were goofing around and decided to give me a cotton ball. On.My.10th.Birthday.

I have to admit I was surprised, though, when the ball suddenly shook and moved, showing me the bluest eyes I ever saw. I was in love! My friends saw how happy I was with the kitty they gave me, and told me they have a name in mind to give it. It was a male, they said, so they decided to name it Nick.

A few days after my birthday, though, I saw how Nick was with the toys I bought for him. He either kept them in piles, or he left them on the floor, leaving a maze of death for me to avoid. That kept me on my toes, though. I really have not gotten around to training it, but I saw how observant he was with what is happening around the house and with what I do.

Whenever I have a visitor, and I did not hear the knocks on the front door, it would immediately find where I was and meow incessantly until I gave him attention. He would promptly walk to the door meowing all the way as if he was scolding me that it was terrible to make people wait. That is the only time I realized I have visitors!

When I had nothing to do, Nick always goes to his designated play space, which I initially taught him where it should be on his first day with me. He will get this purple ball and bring it to me with his teeth. Then he will promptly drop it near me and stare. It was like he was telling me to throw it so he can run after it.

I did what he wanted, and from the first time I saw him do it, the surprise will always be there for me. He will zip towards the ball, and when he gets it, he will trot back to me with the ball, and that means I would have to repeat the process. I wondered the first time he did this if he had a dog for a parent.

When I first bought him his treats, mind you, he did not want any of the tuna treats I bought him. He was eyeing my steak, which was supposed to be for my lunch, so bad that I thought it was going to dissolve with the strength of his stare. I did have to cut it to sizes he can chew on.

Whenever I get home from school, he will always be at the coffee table near the front door. He would always be awake when I came back, and he would be purring non-stop even after I had taken him in my arms and cuddled with him. He would always make sure I was clean and dressed before he would go to his food bowl and meow as if he was telling me he was hungry.

When I’m doing my homework at home, he would always be sitting near the monitor, watching what I do. It felt like he knew what I was feeling at any given time because as soon as I stretched my arms, he would either walk in front of the keyboard or jump to my lap, whatever gets me to stop working.

Finally, at night, he always sleeps at my feet. Still, during the night whenever I toss and turn, I would always wake up to a bite on my toes, and I would always see him looking at me, thankful that I was okay. He will then plop on my pillow and cuddle up to my hair. I always have a good night’s sleep when he does that.

There were other weird things that Nick does, but one thing is for sure. He will always be my own kooky cat.

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