Caring for your cat

Things Every Cat Owner Should Know

Many people these days don’t know how to act and care for their cats. What they know is cats have nine lives, but to, in reality, they don’t. We listed some things to remember that cat owners should know about their cat.


People with allergies towards cats are not allergic to their hair but to the proteins in their urine, skin, and, most significantly, saliva. The protein is transported to the fur while the cat is grooming itself. If you find that your cat is dealing with hairballs, speak to your vet to help diagnose the issue before drastically altering your cat’s diet or giving them medication.


Indoor cats are vulnerable to heartworm infection. As it stands, there is no cure for heartworm infection in cats. Medication can be given to avoid heartworm disease. However, it is easy to be given either orally or in topical antibiotics.

Blood work

Any cat with chronic disease or over middle age must be seen by a vet every six months. Annual blood work lets your vet track patterns in your pet’s well-being. Like humans, your cat should be checked every year.

What happens when a cat throws up more than it should?

If a cat vomits, maybe once or twice per month, you must take it to the vet. Even chronic hairballs are considered unusual and, therefore, should be medically examined by a physician. Always remember, prevention is better than cure!

Build the perfect conditions

It would help if you also built the perfect conditions for your cats to improve their quality of life. Exhaustion, overweight, and many chronic disorders can all be benefited by the inclusion of an enriched environment. The potential of cats to use their paws to run, move, climb, leap, and play is essential to their fitness, enjoyment, and overall well-being. No cat needs to sacrifice its claws to be an indoor pet or to save your lovely appliances and furniture.

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