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Unbound Pages

Ciara is a very imaginative and lively girl. She loves reading all types of print. From books to leaflets being distributed in the streets, she reads it all. I love seeing her eyes sparkle every time she picks something up to read. She loves going to the library at home. Choosing the dirtiest and dustiest book to read. I’m not sure if that book is even something she can read. I presume that the print is even older than her.

Who am I to judge, I can’t even read myself. I’m just a cat for God’s sake.

It is a treasure when we sit by the window and she reads to me aloud. I just stare at the wall imagining the things she is telling me. We love stories such as cowboys watching over the train because it might get robbed by train robbers, pirates scavenging treasures in a distant island, an anthropologist going into unknown caves not knowing what relics he will find or just a kid who is destined to be the strongest wizard in the world. All of these stories take us somewhere we haven’t gone before. These stories help us set our living room as a place full of different views and exciting events.

Every time she opens the book and browses through the pages one by one, we are transported to a place we have never seen before. We bond because of these stories. The people we meet, the sights that we imagine, the struggles solved, and questions answered at just a few of the things we look forward to each and every time we open a book. The adventures that we cannot have outside can be explored in Ciara’s lap. I am her companion on every journey.

We tried watching television and watching videos on the internet, but nothing compares when Ciara reads each and every word written in the book she is reading. She gives color and meaning to each word that she utters. The excitement of reading slowly when the plot is unraveling. The times we tear-up when our favorite character dies and the times that we get elated because she says “And they lived happily ever after.”

I know I can’t read or can’t comprehend each and every word or story she tells, but I can assure you that the emotions that I feel with her stories are real. I am very thankful that I have a kid like Ciara. I am a blessed cat. Even without my hind limbs, I can still go on adventures.

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