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Wonder in their Eyes

My son Josh was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder and has a hard time being himself. When he was young, we were not aware of his condition. We just see him as this shy boy who wants to be with us all the time and wants to be on his own.

One day we were just getting worried because he doesn’t want to go to school. We thought that he was being bullied or not doing good at school that’s why he is like that. But when we brought him to another pediatrician because we are not being addressed by our old pediatrician. He said that we need to take him to a developmental pediatrician.

We followed that doctor’s order and we found out about his condition. We were devastated, we thought that we failed as parents because we saw the signs but we were too late in addressing it. The doctor assured us that most parents do not know about their child’s condition because it is really hard to see immediately. He suggested a treatment that is being employed by many child psychologists.

We went home with a plan and a treatment regimen. I went out for a while and got what the pediatrician ordered. I also got a bow just to make the present nicer. I parked in front of the house. I was so eager to give the present to Josh and see if it will work.

Josh was waiting in the den and when he looked at me, he was wondering what I was holding. I gave him this little pug with a bowtie on him. Me and my shed tears when we saw the smile that Josh had after receiving the dog. He was so elated that he was even jumping up and down. We then told him that he could take Bugs for a walk. I then handed him a collar and leash.

Without hesitation, Josh went out of the house. I was walking behind them just to observe what they will be doing. A neighbor of ours is Josh’s classmate, he saw Josh and Bugs and went to them. I can’t hear what they are talking about but Josh then looked at me and said: “Dad, we’ll just play in their backyard.” My heart smiled as I waved goodbye to Josh.

That was the start. Josh became more lively and wants to go to school more often. He always plays with Bugs and the neighbor kids. He draws and talks about Bugs always in school. He became a more energetic and fun-loving kid.

Maybe he just needed someone other than us to help him be himself, a happy and vibrant kid.

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